About the Studio

At ZZZen Massage Studio, We aim to provide top quality massage therapy. We offer Holistic WholeBody Massages. For you to relax and unwind from stress and tension. Confidential and exclusive. Combining a range of different massage techniques and styles such as Sports, Kahuna  Lomilomi,  Deep Tissue, and Sensual.

Our studio is based in Thornhill Road, Green Point, Cape Town. Starting ZZZen was inspired by my grandmother who I looked after for multiple years after having a stroke. This led to an interest in physical therapy and knowledge of the human body. Driving me to gain more knowledge to help people get relieve from stress, pain, and tension in a safe space to relax.  Not only in the body but in the soul and in mental capacity of daily life too!
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ZZZen Massage Studio Sea Point Cape Town

I learnt that your body is just as important as your mental well-being. After many years of practicing multiple different techniques, I studied and went to do my courses. I became fully qualified, and I decided to open my own studio in Cape Town, South Africa. As time went on, I furthered my studies to perfect my techniques in massage therapy. Massage therapy became my full-time job as my passion grew.

Touch is in fact mandatory for both physical and mental health as when you engage in pleasant touch, your brain releases a hormone called oxytocin. Allowing you to feel good and firms up your emotional and social bonds whilst lowering your anxiety and tension. 

90 Minute massage is proven to be as effective as 7 hours of sleep thus showing the positive impact a massage can have on one’s life.

As comfortability is key in this profession, I am always open to new techniques and open to suggestions! I would love the opportunity to meet you and get to know you. I aim to never disappoint and can guarantee an
exceptional massage!

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